Wavy Gravy


Wavy Gravy with The Sisters Euclid 

Recorded at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in July, 2004

Restoring old recordings is a labour of love. Please feel free to click on the link below.
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3 Responses to Wavy Gravy

  1. Donna says:

    Wavy, years ago I saw you sitting on a bench in SF..I was with Doc Love..Do you remember Doc?

  2. will petty says:

    Loved it! Could sign this: Teargassed in Boulder.Ah the Hill., Now you mention Naropa! small world- From Golden- Live in Blaine WA now. Helped Richard Otto Weber move up to Legett. Have lost touch with him unfortunately. It was he pointed out the Hog Farm and introduced me to Mr. C. Clearlight the used car salesman. Love your stuffie: The holy bubbles…….

  3. Elke Gavula says:

    Hi Ol’ timer, my name is Elke aka known as “Snakelady” during the Woodstock era. Met you and Bonnie at Woodstock. I was with the Pranksters at the time. Remember Keith Haxby (Kesey’s brother-in-law)? Well, we were together at the time and brought our own bus! You are still crazy as ever (the only way to be, just in case you don’t know how I mean that….) . Those were such good times. Our buses went on to the Dallas International pop festival after Woodstock. Then, on the way back to the farm in Oregon, we stopped at the “Hog Farm” and spent a few days or so with you guys. I have very fond memories of you all. I suppose you know that Faye Kesey remarried : a very famous American writer, ol’ friend of K. Kesey’s. Are you in touch with Babbs? Keith Haxby and I are friends on FB. Please drop a note or so. Would love to hear from you personally and also find out about some of the people we used to know. I wonder what ever happened to “Black Maria”. Are you still with Bonnie?
    Sounds like you are well, keep it that way, ok? I remember you as such a mellow, happy and easy going creature. And so much fun!! Take care! :)

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