Danny Tripper Band

1. shooter
2. you were mine

The Danny Tripper Band 

from 15ips DBX 1/4″ master

october 24, 1975
kelly deyong studio

Engineered by Simon Garber

Recording restored by Simon Garber.
Restoring old recordings is a labour of love. Please feel free to click on the link below.
All songs written and performed by Danny Tripper
All Rights Reserved
This recording is not for sale.

5 Responses to Danny Tripper Band

  1. Robert Sakell says:


  2. Thank you for some good memories And all that you did for the music. I could still.Hear him singing One Man Band all over Town. Back then I was young and had no ideas what that mention. Today I think of how he used humour to get through things in a song. He truly made this world a better place and I will never forget him. Thanks

  3. Nell de Rooy says:

    Danny Tripper was one of the first dynamite musicians I met when I came to Vancouver in 1970. Throughout the years we became good friends/family. He will stay in my heart forever. Everytime I hear him sing and play his awesome guitar, I go right back to that time when he was always around laying down the sound for all of us to boogie the day and night away with. “Get Out My Life Woman”….”Wanna Take You Home”…..I love all his songs. Rest in love and peace my soul brother.

  4. David Fowler says:

    I was passing through in Vancouver in the 80’s. I did not socialize with any other musicians but occasionally would go to jams. Why do I remember getting up to jam at the American hotel after so many years? Because the other guitarist across the stage really impressed me. He had great lead phrasing and wonderful voice. All I had was some R&B chops and “attitude”. After everyone bought me beer because of being able to play a complimentary style with him, I wanted his style to shine. I looked at him after and he nods with a smile. I wish I had talked to him, except I didn’t know anyone at the time…A got a few job offers after that, but I never forgot this guy. He had some kind of magic, for sure….

  5. Eugene Kostyra says:

    Hi – do you have any suggestions where I might find a copy of the Danny Tripper Band album?

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