Stallion Thumrock


Stallion Thumrock 


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4 Responses to Stallion Thumrock

  1. Wonderful to hear these selections from that original recording session back in ’72. Somewhere I have the original 1/4″ tape from that session, but haven’t listen to it for many years. There were about 6 to 8 tunes recorded at that time. Do you have the rest of the cuts?

    Dick (Richard) Whetstone
    Drummer, Vocalist, Writer with Stallion Thumrock

  2. The photograph of the original lineup for Stallion Thumrock is/was:
    (L to R) Garry Bell, Dick (Richard) Whetstone, Basil Watson, Brett Wade.

  3. Robbie Mack says:

    What a great band!! Mr Whetstone is a great singer and drummer. What about a re-union???

  4. basil watson says:

    Thanks Sie for your love of recording stuff. I stop by periodicly to listen to these neat old recordings. I hope you have more neat stuff -all the best

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