Reflections of Canada

A symphony of sound and light

This recording was commissioned by the National Capital Commission in Ottawa. It was played daily in front of the Parliament Buildings through an 8-channel sound system from Victoria Day to Labour Day from 1994-1999. Background information here.
The stage for this grand symphony is Parliament Hill, the seat of Canada’s government and the symbolic heart of the nation. In front of you is the Centre Block with it’s distinctive Peace Tower. The bells chime the hour and the carillon is played each day.
Reflection of Canada, an extraordinary symphony of Canadian heritage, tells the story of our country in lights, music and the voices of Canadians from across the country. These voices remind us of the kind of people who built this country, and the kind of people who, working together, are going to build an even better future.

Reflections of Canada - a symphony of sound and light 

Reflexions du Canada - une symphonie en son et lumiere 

Read the stories and peek backstage

Engineered by Simon Garber and Charlie Knowles
Recorded at Mushroom Studios, CBC Studio 1, The Orpheum Theatre, Blue Wave Studios, Greenhouse Studios, Goldrush Recording, Marc Production, Final Score Productions

Recording restored by Simon Garber.
Restoring old recordings is a labour of love. Please feel free to click on the link below.
All music written by J. Douglas Dodd. All words by Lindsay Bourne
All Rights Reserved

This recording is for sale. Please leave a message if you wish to purchase a CD.

One Response to Reflections of Canada

  1. Doug Dodd says:


    Wow again! I’m sitting here listening to our labour. (Of love I hope!)

    I’m up to the native story (Stephen Pointe’s story) and so far so good. It’s quite brave and I don’t know how we ever got it past all that bureaucracy! Power to the people and Lindsey Bourne I guess! It’s good thing the Harper government wasn’t in power or it wouldn’t have seen the light of day. But it all still works! I think some of the best parts are the transitions from story to story. How did we ever get through all that production and still be alive and friends?

    Thanks again and it still sounds fantastic!



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