Eugene Smith and Friends


This was an all night studio jam. We managed to lay down 4 tunes before we ran out of stimulants. I don’t recall all personnel, but my recollections include Kelly Jay, Eugene Smith, Murray McLaughlan, and somebody’s guitar player and bass player.
The rest of it is on the Kelly Jay page.

Eugene Smith and Friends ~ Jam 1975 

Recorded by Simon Garber @ Kelly-Deyong Studio
circa 1975-76

Recording restored by Simon Garber.
Restoring old recordings is a labour of love. Please feel free to click on the link below.
All songs written and performed by Eugene Smith
All Rights Reserved
This recording is not for sale.

2 Responses to Eugene Smith and Friends

  1. Basil says:

    Another fave. He had one called “a piece of wood” Wonder if that one is out there somewhere?
    Great to hear this stuff.

  2. Blake Munce says:

    I have listened to Eugene entertain on Vancouver Island many time (in the 90’s). He’s a Canadian treasure. And a pretty good poker player, too.

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