Crystal ~ Live at The Nucleus 1973 
This band was Bruce Rathie, Andy Hickman, Janet McLeod and Michael Dorsey. Mostly composed and arranged by Michael Dorsey.

Recording restored by Simon Garber.
Restoring old recordings is a labour of love. Please feel free to click on the link below.

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  1. Mikul Dorsey says:

    Andy Hickman- bass,backup vocals ( el Bande Grande- Saltspring )
    Bruce Rathie- 6 string Gibson J50, vocals ( Bruce Rathie Boogie Band, Bruce Rathie band and more- deceased-Victoria)
    Janet McLeod nee Eaglesham- backup vocals ( Vancouver- at that time…)
    Michael Dorsey- 12 string Epiphone, vocals ( dr. Glue, the Pretensions, Crystal, and more- Silverton)
    Tunes on this album:
    Masquerade- Michael Dorsey
    Mescaline Blues- Bruce Rathie
    Traffic Jam- Dan Hicks
    Lady is Love- Michael Dorsey, Tony Quarrington, Moya McNulty, Bob Carpenter, Tom Goodwin
    Now is the Time- Michael Dorsey
    Tree Planting in B.C.- Bruce Rathie,Michael Dorsey
    Early Morning- Tom Goodwin, Moya McNulty, Tony Quarrington, Michael Dorsey
    Good Times- Michael Dorsey
    Alhambra- Bruce Rathie
    Hinderstone- Michael Dorsey

    Vocal Arrangements- Michael Dorsey
    Crystal- acoustic trio with musical guest Janet McLeod – Vancouver- 1970-1974
    Named by Candas Jane Dorsey after the song ‘ Crystal’ by Michael Dorsey

  2. Jim Findlay says:

    Great to hear again. Lovely to hear Bruce.

  3. Diane Rathie says:

    Thank you for this!

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