Carmen Cadillac with Joani Taylor

Live at The Nucleus March 24, 1973 

Recording restored by Simon Garber.
Restoring old recordings is a labour of love. Please feel free to click on the link below.

All Rights Reserved
This recording is not for sale.

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10 Responses to Carmen Cadillac with Joani Taylor

  1. Joani Taylor says:

    WOW!!!! A……..MAZING to hear this. I had no idea this existed. wicked freaky.

  2. Pattie Bessette (formerly Wiertz) says:

    This is beautiful – the sound I am getting on a little lap top with no additional speakers is fantastic! Wow! This will be thrilling for Al Wiertzs’ daughter Natalee, we have so little recordings of her Dad playing, and Joani, people very high up in the music industry have referred to you as their favorite singer and you always were and are, mine forever!

  3. Bill Hanson says:

    This is truly a treat. As the founder of Nucleus I am always gratified whenever I discover evidence that other people beside myself remember the club. As it only lasted for a year it was a flash in the pan but oh what a lovely flash.

    I have some very raw digitized files of Carmen Cadillac and Joanie recorded at Nucleus on my “Nucleus Remembered” web page at: It is a password protected page but those who were there and other interested folks are welcome to email me at to request the codes. I am a curious soul and would appreciate anything you care to tell me about your connection with, or awareness, the club.

    I also have digitized recording of other people who performed in the club such as (jazz) Mike Taylor, Gavin Walker, Tisziji Munoz, Gerry Inman and Lenny Breau plus (folk) Smiling Jack Smith, Quietfire (Lee Morin & ???), Cameron Molloy and Eugene Smith.

    My thanks to Simon Garber for preserving these memories.

    Bill Hanson

  4. ken says:


  5. ken says:


  6. ken says:

    sweeeeeet… great sound, how much more do I need to type

  7. ken says:

    ok woops

  8. Heather Soles says:

    AAh Joani, so much soul ! And hearing you do this same tune the other day at the CBC was sweet. You still sound just as great as ever or even better.

  9. Ryan says:

    Dear Vera,HI! I’m Abby from Red Oak! We have this thing called the batlte of the books where we re given books to read and then we compete. YOUR BOOK was on the list!!!!!!! I LOVED ANYA’ S GHOST!!!!!! I’m also excited about seeing PARANORMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, please reply!!!!! I would love to hear from you!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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