Out of the Blue

hahle gerow
carole carlton
david miller
shelly kantrow
nels guloin

Sniper ~ Keeping You Warm 

Out of the Blue ~ demo (from cassette) 

More Light (from cassette) 

Goldrush Recording
Engineered by Simon Garber

Recording restored by Simon Garber.
Restoring old recordings is a labour of love. Please feel free to click on the link below.
All songs written and performed by Out of the Blue
All Rights Reserved
This recording is not for sale.

4 Responses to Out of the Blue

  1. carole carlton says:

    Thank you so very much Simon. It was so wonderful to hear Hahle again, I still miss her loads.
    It was great hearing the old songs, over 30 yrs ago my goodness I still remember the words, and can still hit those high notes….lol. Am gonna check out some of the other oldies and goodies you have.

    Once again thanks.

  2. ditto about hahle …. wow … i remember sitting around mixing sniper/keeping you warm ’til like 4 am and going home and lying in bed and actually hearing the stuff reverberating in my room at full volume … i wonder what we ingested during that mix session.

  3. simon garber says:

    it was either the pink ones or the blue ones.

  4. Shaz Ruderham says:

    Would we be able to get a copy of some of these tracks for radio play?

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