Tape Restoration

Tape restoration often starts with “baking the tape”, cleaning the tape and replacing splices.
Levels are then optimized and converted to raw digital files.
Then modern mastering tools are applied to bring out the best of the recording.

4 Responses to Tape Restoration

  1. Jesse Furnell says:

    Hey there, I have an old Philips LP reel of my parents wedding ceremony from some 30 plus years ago. The tape itself seems to be in good shape but I understand it needs to be baked to be viable. I’m hoping it can be played once again in order to convert the whole recording if possible to digital MP3 files..

    It’s a quarter inch tape

    Looking forward to your reply, thanks

  2. Florentino says:

    My hat is off to your astute command over this toipb-cravo!

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